Get The New Google Home Hub For Just $99 With This Hot Deal

google home hub 1
The Google Home Hub was just announced last week as Google's answer to the rise in display-equipped digital assistants like the Lenovo Smart Hub. The device has a 7-inch screen, runs on the Google Cast platform, and does everything you would expect from a device that supports the Google Assistant. And priced at $149, the Google Home Hub greatly undercuts the cost of the Amazon Echo Show.

Well, Home Depot is selling for the Google Home Hub right now for an amazingly low price of $99. We don't know if this is a price mistake, or just some early bird special that the retailer is running at the moment, but 33 percent off an unreleased product sounds like a smokin' hot deal to us. You can order the Google Home Hub from Home Depot in either Chalk or Charcoal:

google home hub 2
That price includes free shipping. At this time, it appears that the chalk version is backordered for shipping, but you can still place an order (expected delivery October 26th through October 30th). The charcoal version is showing as available for shipping with a delivery of October 22nd.

Now granted, the Google Home Hub has a smaller 7-inch display compared to the 10-inch display on the second-generation Amazon Echo Show (priced at $229) and lacks a camera for video chatting, but many people may be willing to trade those downsides for a savings of $130.