Google Home Hub Takes Aim At Amazon's Echo Show Priced At Low $149

google home hub 1
Google today announced the latest addition to its Google Assistant family, and it's a device that you might have seen before. The Google Home Hub takes the best of the devices like the Google Home and Google Home Max and adds a 10-inch touch display that you can interact with. 

Given that this is a Google-branded device, it is deeply intertwined with services like YouTube, Google Maps, Photos and Google Search. All of these apps have been optimized for navigation by voice and support glanceable information. Through the use of Google Voice Match, the Google Home Hub will be able to identify who is speaking to it and display content (i.e. calendar, reminders) based on the current user. 

google home hub

Given that this is a “hub” for your smart home, the Google Home Hub gives you full control over all of your smart devices, and of course offers deep hooks with Nest hardware. For example, you can get an instant live feed from your Nest Cam or Nest Hello Video Doorbell with the sound of your voice.

Perhaps in a nod towards giving users more privacy, the Google Home Hub doesn't feature a camera. That's a stark departure from the Amazon Echo ShowLenovo Smart Display, and even the Facebook Portal/Portal+ that were announced yesterday.

google home hub 3

Google Home Hub is available for pre-order today for $149, which greatly undercuts the $229 price tag of the second-generation Amazon Echo Show. The devices will begin shipping on October 22nd, with initial availably in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. The Google Home Hub can be had in white, dark grey, pink or green.