Get A Pixel 7 For Just $20 On A Great Trade-In Offer, Pixel 7 Pro And 6a Cyber Monday Deals

pixel 7 deal BF23
If you are looking for a cell phone upgrade this holiday sales season, Google and its Pixel line might be a good place to start looking. Whether you buy through Google direct or on Amazon, there are some stellar Pixel 7 deals you can take advantage of right now, especially if you already have a Pixel 6.

The first, and biggest, deal you can get is on a new Pixel 7 for just $20, but there is a catch. To be able to get this, you need to trade in a Pixel 6 128GB in ‘good’ condition which will give you a credit of $479 which will go toward the sale price on a Pixel 7 of $499. For the same or a similar deal, you can also trade in a Samsung Galaxy S21, Apple iPhone XS Max, or Apple iPhone 11, among a few other similar trade-ins.

water pixel 7 deal BF23

To get it, head over to the Google store and configure your new Pixel 7, and then add a trade-in using the drop-down menus. You can click through and see what kind of savings you can get by trading in any device here.

If you don’t really have anything worth trading in or don’t want to, Google still has some pretty good deals available on Amazon. For example, just like the Google website, the Pixel 7 128GB is knocked down $100 to $499. Further, the Pixel 7 Pro 128GB is knocked down $150 to $749.99, a savings of 17% from regular price. Finally, the Pixel 6A was cut down 33% to $299.99 which saves you a cool $150.

With all those savings on mobile devices, you might be able to spend a little bit on some other accessories like earbuds or tablets which also have some savings. In any event, hopefully these deals can save you some dough with Christmas coming up but stay tuned for more to come on Cyber Monday tomorrow.