Generation Y Employees Are Coming, And Boy Are They Wired

Generation "Y" are about to deluge the IT world, and the IT world isn't ready for their informal attitude and reliance on technology intensive communication. Smart companies are figuring out that they better expect to serve the needs of their new employees, or the best will go work for their competitors:

Richard Leyland, head of knowledge at Unwired, said that many firms had failed to realize that the next generation of job entrants will have very different requirements. "Kids now are so used to instant and informal communication that when they enter the workplace they will have very different expectations," he said. "They will expect access to technology to be mobile and available at any time, which will mean that the idea of nine-to-five 'presenteeism' will have very little value, and they will also have much less respect for ideas of corporate hierarchy -- they are used to contributing and being heard."
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