Leaked Document Shows NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 Production Is Well Underway

GeForce RTX 3090 Hero
NVIDIA has so far been completely silent on the topic of its next-generation GeForce cards. As a result, we've only had guesses and rumors to go on when trying to judge when Ada might appear. Now, a new leak of what appears to be a production manifest gives us some idea of when the cards might ship to store shelves.

By all accounts, the first GeForce RTX 4000-series card that we're likely to see is the RTX 4090. That's backed up by today's leak, which appears to be a couple of shots from a production log at an add-in card vendor. Thanks to the close cropping of the image, most of the information has to be inferred, but it appears to show four batches of RTX 4090 cards slated for production on August 16th.

rtx4090 production schedule leak
This is cropped; click to see the full image.

These images were posted up on Twitter by @harukaze5719, who snagged them off a Baidu post. The second image here seems to list specifications for the cards: 24GB of RAM, as well as the now-standard triple-DisplayPort-plus-HDMI output cluster. Some folks on Twitter seem to think that the "B2610" listing might indicate the boost clock of the card, but that's pure conjecture at this point. The 24GB spec matches up with prior leaks, but anyone who follows this kind of thing could have grabbed that number as a reasonable guess given the rumored memory bus width.

nvidia ada leak ad102 specs production manifest

Another curiosity of these images is the presence of blanks in the "capacity/H" column, which you can see if you click on the first leaked image above to expand our crop. We're not sure what that column would indicate—perhaps production capacity per hour? It's possible that the blanks there are simply present because this manufacturer hadn't previously built any RTX 4090 cards and thus doesn't know how quickly it can make them.

The last column on the sheet, which is cut off, indicates when the cards would be ready. We can't see the date, but we can see that it says August, which means it's possible that we could see a physical launch as soon as the end of next month.