GeForce RTX 4090 Flaunts An Old School Blower-Style Cooler In Retail Listing

manli geforce rtx 4090 blower cooler pallet
The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 launch precipitated some of the greatest—yet gargantuan—graphics cards we had ever seen. However, back in November we saw a Chinese graphics card maker showcasing renders of an RTX 4090 with a blower-style cooler, and NVIDIA reference specs. Now, photos of what look like shipping versions of this product have emerged via Chinese retail channels. In other words, an RTX 4090 with blower-style cooler wasn’t just imagined, drafted, or theorized—it has been produced. In our top image you can see someone holding one of these RTX 4090 blower graphics cards and in the lower left corner you can see it is one from a whole pallet-load, ready to ship.

manli geforce rtx 4090 blower cooler pcb

These new real-world images were sourced via a Chinese online marketplace dubbed Goofish. Various photo angles show the front, top, and rear of the blower card, and there is an image of the underside of the PCB, too. In some of the images, you can see plastic film has been applied to prevent cooling assembly scratching in transit. The images align with the renders we previously saw, which were said to be sourced from an insider at China’s Manli. However, VideoCardz reports it has been contacted by Manli in the meantime. It denied any association with the renders, and is thus not likely to be the source of these real-world products, either. No brand name is evident in any of the new product photographs. NVIDIA was suspected to discouraging AIB partners from retailing RTX 3090 blower-style designs, so perhaps this is the reason why Manli denies involvement and we don’t see a name on these products.

manli geforce rtx 4090 blower cooler power

Things we can see in the pictures include a twin-slot GPU, a single fan equipped blower-shroud, and a single 16-pin (12VHPWR) power connector. The product is said to come with a bundled 3x-8pin power connector adaptor (not 4x). This is definitely not targeting an audience which will seek to overclock the GPU and thus require more power. According to VideoCardz, which scalped the exclusive image you can see below, this card is also locked to 450W TDP maximum.

manli geforce rtx 4090 blower cooler front top

The China Goofish listing asks 15,000 RMB for one of these RTX 4090 cards, which is roughly equivalent to $2,150 USD. This is pricey for China, as ‘entry level’ RTX 4090 models there cost nearer to 13,000 RMB. We aren’t sure if these prices include China’s sales tax at 13%.

As we mentioned in our previous article about the prospect of RTX 4090 blower-style graphics cards, these should be adequate to run in cases with good airflow without too much concern. The cooler design could also appeal to PC owners using cases that aren’t suitable for other air cooling solutions, or for users who wish to install multiple graphics cards side by side.