GeForce NOW Prices Are Going Up For Some Gamers, How To Lock Your Current Rate

GeForce Now
Nvidia's GeForce Now cloud gaming service has taken on new importance in the wake of Stadia's untimely demise. Some of those who fled Google's failed streaming platform for Nvidia are in for a rude awakening, though. Nvidia has announced a price hike for select markets, one of which will see the base subscription price jump by 40%.

If you're in the US, congratulations, your GeForce Now pricing will remain the same. However, increases are coming for those in Canada, the UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Czech Republic, Poland, and any other nation that uses the Euro as its currency. The service offers a free level, but it's very limited

GeForce Now renders games on servers with beefy video cards before streaming the video to the user's devices. So, you don't need a powerful GPU locally, but the data centers need to be located in the same geographical area to reduce latency. Nvidia doesn't sell the games—it sells the streaming service as a monthly subscription. Nvidia hasn't made an official announcement about this change, but it has updated the FAQ on its site to include the higher pricing. By way of explanation, Nvidia simply says that the higher fees are a reflection of the cost of running the service in the aforementioned regions.

Gamers in Poland will have it easiest, with a small 10% price bump for Priority and Ultimate when paid monthly. The increase is a little smaller if paid yearly. Sweden and Norway are getting hit with sizable 30% subscription increases, and Canada's pricing is increasing a whopping 40%. That means six months of Priority (the lowest paid tier with an RTX 3080) will cost $69.99 CAD, up from $49.99. The Ultimate subscription is going up as well, but more modestly, Six months will cost $139.99 CAD, up from $129.99. You can see the full updated subscription breakdown below. 


Gamers in these locations will eventually be subject to the higher prices, but you can delay it a bit. Current and new members who join before the November 1 deadline can keep the lower pricing for six months. After that, the cost will automatically increase. Anyone who joins after the new tiers go into effect will start paying the new fees immediately. If you're a GeForce Now subscriber or have occasionally dabbled with cloud gaming, you might want to make sure you're paid up before next month rolls around.