GeForce GTX 11 Series Tipped For July Reveal As Hynix Ramps GDDR6 Production

Two years after the launch of Pascal, the gaming community is eager to see what NVIDIA has in store for its next generation of graphics cards. Luckily for us, SK Hynix may have just given us some additional insight into when NVIDIA's upcoming consumer graphics cards – which include the GeForce GTX 1180 and GTX 1170 -- will launch thanks to comments that were made at GTC 2018.

SK Hynix told Gamers Nexus that mass production of its GDDR6 memory (operating at speeds of at least 16Gbps) will take place within the next three months, which puts us on target for June/July. NVIDIA's next generation consumer GPUs are expected to use GDDR6, so we're probably looking at a July announcement at the earlier for the new GPU family, and perhaps an official launch the following month.

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We should mention, however, that SK Hynix isn't the only manufacturer out there with GDDR6 in the pipeline. Both Micron and Samsung are gearing up production of their parts. In the case of Micron, its first shipping chips will likely be rated for 12Gbps to 14Gbps. However, the company's GDDR6 will eventually be rated for up to 16Gbps. Samsung, on the other hand, is currently producing GDDR6 memory rated at up to 18Gbps.

It was also revealed that GDDR6 will cost at least 20 percent more to produce compared to GDDR5, which should lead to some hefty board prices -- at least initially -- and will operate at 1.35v. In addition to the higher manufacturing costs for GDDR6, graphics cards are expected to pack in more of the stuff compared to their predecessors. The GeForce GTX 1180 is expected to have 16GB of GDDR6, while the GTX 1170 will likely have 8GB.