GeForce 6800, Motherboards, Coolers, Cases - You Name It!

Greetings HotHardware Fans!  The weekend is over, and it looks like the whole world got back to work with a vengeance this morning!  Our news mailbox is absolutely jammed with press releases at the moment.  I've picked out some of the tastiest morsels, I hope you like 'em...

 GeForce 6800 Gameplay Review @ nV News:

"We have just posted a gameplay review using NVIDIA's GeForce 6800 graphics card. Brian Cochran takes on Far Cry, Unreal Tournament 2004, Chrome, and Morrowind with the GeForce 6800 and offers his gameplay experience."

 ABIT AG8 Motherboard Review @ HardOCP:

"Given the fact that the AG8 is slated as the mainstream solution, I wasn't prepared to set my bar too high for fear of being let down. The fact that this board was able to easily match performance with the more advanced, as well as more expensive, i925X chipset solution speaks volumes on its own."

 Philips' Ultimate Edge Sound Card @ TR:

"Targeted at high-end sound cards, the Envy24GT brings true 24-bit, 96kHz audio to six output channels for only $70. Philips has also stirred in some special sauce of its own, giving the Ultimate Edge a little more spice than your average Envy24. How does the Ultimate Edge perform, and more importantly, how does it sound? Read on to find out."

 Re-Releasing of a product in a shroud of controversy: The Ahanix D5 Media Center Enclosure @ HTPCNews:

"This review is sure to spark up some interest in many circles since it involves a bit of controversy between the original manufacture and the American reseller who has now left to produce the case at another facility. Two companies are about to butt heads big time and it's not the first time for one of the two companies, Ahanix. Last time Ahanix had controversy flaming around them was the SilenX fiasco which still has yet to be resolved and there are currently two companies using the SilenX brand name. This time around, Uneed International says Ahanix has taken Uneed's Intellectual Property that Uneed paid for (R&D) and created to another manufacture. Uneed is so P.O'ed about this that they are making a move into the USA market with a whole slew of new products of which are sure to stir interest. Ahanix has bitten back by "re-releasing" the product as a full featured kit and lowering the price of this unit by over 130$ down to a price many can afford."

 SilverStone SST-LC04 HTPC / Desktop Case @ SystemCooling:

"The market for HTPC (Home Theater PC) is expanding daily. Many people are learning that "rolling your own" HTPC can have benefits over buying a stock TIVO, DVD player, CD Player etc. Because of this, more and more cases are coming to market with this in mind. Most of these cases have been less than friendly if you wanted to use a full sized ATX motherboard. And if the case did support ATX, it was too big to fit in with the other components in a typical Audio / Video cabinet. Today we'll look at a case from SilverStone Technology, the SST-LC04, which lets you have your ATX cake and eat it too."

 GearGrip Computer Harnesses – It's time to LAN in style @ TweakTown:

"Most computer users love to attend LAN parties on a regular basis but we can safely say the majority dislike lugging their computer parts around. Case Ace has came to the rescue with their line of products under the GearGrip brand name which make the task of carrying around your computer parts very easy and stylish. If you're a fashionable geek, this is for you."

 Swiftech MCX6400-V Heatsink @ Bjorn3D:

"With the temperatures of modern day processors at an all time high, third party heatsink manufacturers are always looking for and finding new ways to suck that heat off of the CPU. Swiftech is one of those manufacturers that has always been at the head of the pack. With their new MCX6400-V heatsink for Athlon64 processors, Swiftech is sure to keep their lead on the competition. In this review, we will take a look at the interesting features of the MCX6400-V and show you what sort of temperatures you can expect to see from your Athlon64."

 Albatron K8X800 Pro II Athlon 64 Motherboard @ LAN Addict:

"The Pro II really has potential since it has all the features I'd personally want as a LAN Party enthusiast such as 3Com's Gigabit Network Card for the amazingly quick connections to our game servers, FireWire ports for capturing video from your digital video camera and some diagnostic tools that we just crave! You'll notice BIOS Mirror has become almost standard from many companies but are often named just slightly differently such as Dual BIOS or something similar. If you've ever had the joy of accidentally screwing up upgrading your BIOS you'd understand the importance of having a backup."

 Altec Lansing's InConcert Technology Explained @ CoolTechZone:

"Recently Altec Lansing launched their new series of 2.1 and 5.1 speakers. Altec Lansing has been known to produce high-quality 5.1 surround speakers at an affordable cost, which sets them apart from various manufacturers. Surprisingly, the company's newly released 2.1 speaker sets are much expensive than their counterparts. Considering how Altec Lansing has always known to support affordibility and how 2.1 speaker sets are not as popular as they used to be when they first launched, we never thought Altec Lansing would have very many market shares for their expensive 2.1 speaker sets."

That's just about going to do it for this post!  It's time for me to fire up the test rig and finish some benchmarks!  See Ya Soon!