Geeks Are Love Machines! has all the proof you'll need to convince your prospective partner that you'll be a good lover. <insert your own joystick joke here>

"I've read recently that geeks make better lovers because they are so unaccustomed to romance that they will do anything for their mates. Also because geeks don't have the social skills to cheat (wanna bet?). Yeah, ha ha, let's chuckle at the stereotypes. Might as well add that geeks won't waste valuable relationship time watching football. Or that geeks are clueless and fashion-impaired and have the social skills of a bowl of fruit. But you know what? Humorous Top-10 lists aside, geeks really do make the best lovers, for reasons that have nothing to do with adolescent ostracism or puppy-like devotion."

It makes one wonder how many of those EverQuesters and World Of Warcrafters that spend 30 hours a week 'raiding' might actually end up with social skills more resembling a bowl of fruit. Somehow the pickup line of "I have an Arcanite Reaper in my pants" just doesn't sound like it's going to win any hearts outside of Azeroth.

The again, if 80's movies like Revenge Of The Nerds taught us anything, it is that Geeks make the best lovers.  Could just be that Cupid truly is blind and that statistics and demographics only play as much a role in romance as we'd like or permit.

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