Gearbox CEO Offers Behind The Scenes Look at Production Studio In NVIDIA Shield Showcase

They say it’s not usually a good idea to see how and where the sausage is made, but Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford gave a tour of the Gearbox Studios and his own home for an NVIDIA Project SHIELD showcase video to show how all the places and people involved in creating (and playing) the company’s games.

In the Gearbox offices tour, we see some the development studio, the motion capture studio, and the animation put where animators work up the eye candy, and there’s also a focus tester room where regular joes and janes off the street get to test unreleased titles for free (and receive nifty swag in return).

We also get a peek into the top floor offices, which is usually the realm of boring suits (legal, marketing, C-level execs, yamn), but Pitchford’s office looks like a place where a body could have some fun. In addition to his personal system, which features a killer liquid cooling system with an external radiator and dual tubes cooling the GPUs (two GeForce GTX 590s) and a front panel LCD with temperature data, he has an impressive collection of vintage gaming consoles from every era. There are dozens of them, including handhelds, and it’s enough to make a gamer faint from joy.


We also see his house, which he pulls up to in a shiny black Jaguar. (That’s just rubbing it in, Randy.) He has multiple gaming areas in the house, including an entertainment room with a large TV and comfy couches, a “sniper’s nest” upstairs with a gaming PC, an adjacent game room (replete with board games, a pool table, another big TV with connected consoles, and nerd miscellany), a home theater room for movies and more gaming with a small stage for Randy’s magic tricks, and finally, another room with a few gaming PCs and multiple displays.

Motion capture studio
Motion capture studio

It’s here that he shills for and demos Project SHIELD, including the feature that lets you use the device and sync its video output to a PC for large-screen gaming.

Console collection
Console collection

Both his wife and son are gamers, and Pitchford has the air of an excited, blessed nerd who is thankful for his life, which is frankly fun to see.

Also, fair warning/spoiler alert: There’s a brief shot of mobile gaming on the john.

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