GameStop Teases PS5 And Xbox Series X Restock, How To Tip The Odds In Your Favor

PS5 and Xbox Series X
Don't blame Santa if you didn't wake up to a PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, or Nintendo Switch OLED on Christmas Day. Even the big guy in the bright red suit and an army of elves can only do so much in the face of a shortage. There's some good news, though—more restocks are on the way, giving you more chances to score one (or more) of these elusive game consoles.

Best Buy actually restocked the PS5 earlier today, though the window to buy one has come and gone, unfortunately. There will inevitably be more, we just don't know when. Same goes for retailers like Walmart and Amazon. Your best shot, however, might come down to GameStop. The retailer teased on Twitter that it will be offering up more consoles soon.
GameStop has been active on Twitter lately. Just before Christmas, it announced that hundreds of its stores would have Xbox Series X consoles available for in-store purchases. Congrats to any of you who might have bagged one in time for the big holiday.

For everyone else, more chances are afoot. GameStop said on Twitter, "in-CONSOLE-able about the gifts you *didn't* get this year? Don't forget that PUR Pros get early access to console drops."

There are two bits of key information there. One is that GameStop is clearly indicating that another restock or multiple restocks are on the way, otherwise it would just be a cruel tweet. And secondly, your best shot at getting one is to be a PowerUp Rewards Pro member. Yes, signing up for a subscription service just to increase your odds at getting a console isn't ideal. But if you really want one, that gives you the best chance.

GameStop's membership program costs $14.99 per year, which includes an annual digital subscription to GameInformer. If you prefer a physical copy of the magazine, an annual subscription runs $19.99 per year.

Other benefits include double points earned on each dollar spent, $5 monthly reward certificates, extra trade-in credit, and access to exclusive offers and events (like early access to console restocks).