Xbox Series X Is Stocked At These GameStop Locations To Score A Last-Minute Christmas Gift

Xbox Series X With Christmas Decorations
The latest generation game consoles have been some of the most difficult items to find in stock this year, and that's been true of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 ever since they launched last year. If it is the former you're after, however, GameStop shared some potentially great news—a whole bunch of its physical retail locations have stock available on Christmas Eve.

Not every location does, and we have no doubt that whatever inventories are up for grabs will dry up rather quick. Regardless, there are consoles out in the wild at MSRP, as confirmed by GameStop on its Twitter account today.
"Still trying to get your hands on that new console before Christmas? Select stores will have Xbox Series X in stock today! First come, first served," GameStop wrote.

You can view map of participating locations, or check out this handy list if it's easier. There are hundreds of stores participating in the restock event, spread out across the country from California to New York, and several states in between.

We're speculating, but it's possible this restock is partially the result of cancelled orders, including preorders that were never picked up. It's also possible the retail chain received last-minute shipments from Microsoft, and/or set aside Xbox Series X consoles specifically to sell the day before Christmas. After all, that's a heck of a draw to get people into the stores.

Whatever the reason, if you're after one, GameStop might come through for you. Good luck!