Leaked Samsung Galaxy S21 FE User Manual Confirms Loss Of This Fan Favorite Feature

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As if we didn't have enough mounting evidence over the weekend regarding the imminent arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Fan Edition (FE), two new bits of information have come across our news desk this morning. The first leak comes via the official Galaxy S21 FE user manual, which is the most concrete information that we have to-date confirming the device's existence.

The manual was obtained by SamMobile and is readily available for viewing here [PDF]. The manual confirms many previously leaked information about the Galaxy S21 FE, including IP68 dust/water resistance, support for reverse wireless charging, an in-display fingerprint sensor, and Dolby Atmos support. The manual also shows that the Galaxy S21 FE will be available in white, black, green, and purple.

galaxy s21 fe features

One feature that is missing that will likely be a big bummer is the microSD slot. Samsung retained the microSD slot on the previous generation Galaxy S20 FE. However, the Galaxy S21 family launched earlier this year and nixed the expansion slot. Unfortunately, it looks as though the Galaxy S21 FE is continuing that trend, which means that customers should settle on how much storage they'll need in the future when deciding between the expected 128GB and 256GB SKUs that will be available at launch.

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Speaking of the Galaxy S21 FE launch, the South Korean publication The Elec alleges that the smartphone will enter mass production in September. This late production start would seem to cast doubt on the previous rumor that the Galaxy S21 FE would launch on or around September 8th. The report adds that Samsung's next-generation flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S22, will enter production in November to fuel a January 2022 launch.

The Galaxy S21 FE will look most like the Galaxy S21 and feature a plastic body to trim costs. In addition, it's expected that the device will feature a 6.4-inch 120Hz FHD+ display and the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC.