Samsung Galaxy Buds Live In-Ear ‘Bean’ Earbuds Leak On Video

galaxy buds ng ear

We've known that Samsung is working on next-generation Galaxy Buds for a while. The current version of the Galaxy Buds has a traditional earphone tip and rounded exterior that looks a bit strange in the ear. Samsung's next-gen Galaxy Buds have a completely different “bean” shape to them; whether that will make them more secure in the ear remains to be seen. Several new images have leaked, giving us a good look at what the new earphones, expected to be sold as the Galaxy Buds Live, look like.

Perhaps the most compelling image is the one above with the new Galaxy Buds seen in a woman's ear. The rather odd-looking bean shape that we wondered about in images of the new Buds floating around in the past looks to be very comfortable in the ear. Along with the several leaked images, we also see a very short video highlighting three different colors available for the Buds Live earphones, including basic white and black, along with a shiny copper color.

Interestingly, the short video has text that reads, "Keep the noise out. Let the sound in." That certainly hints at active noise cancellation. The shiny copper color will match with the past leaks of the Galaxy Note 20 that have been seen in the same copper color. Another of the images shows a close-up of the front and back of the earbud, giving us a closer look at the device.

We see in that image a pair of small openings on the back of the earbud and on the other side speaker openings along with the ergonomic shape to fit the ear comfortably with no ear tip. There appears to be a sliding power button on the left earbud in the picture, along with a couple of pins for the charging case. The short video shows the charging case is much more square than the charging case for the standard original Galaxy Buds.

The design is interesting, and we wonder how stable it will be during exertion since it appears to have no ear tip. We expect the Galaxy Buds Live to launch sooner rather than later, perhaps at Galaxy Unpacked next month. Last month mentions of the new earphones turned up in the Galaxy Wear app.