Intel G45's HD Decode Broken?

For those waiting on the G45 series of products, especially those that will find their way into the Montevina notebook platforms, we have bad news: The rumor going around is that the HD decode offload is broken, and it’s allegedly not a driver issue.

Here’s the rumor direct from the source:

“The problem with G45 is in the video decoders. We saw early silicon at CeBIT, and they did not demo that aspect of the chipset.  We have now learned that the shipping step, A2, has bugged HD video decode hardware, and that just won't work on the initial release chips.  There will be another spin, think 2-3 months out, that fixes this.”

While this is just a rumor, what it means is that the initial chipsets may consume just as much power while watching a Blu-Ray movie as the current crop of G35 chipsets.  On the upside, the G45 is still rumored to be substantially faster than the G35.
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