FX 5900, HD Enclosure, 15k RPM Fujitsu and some MP3 Goodness

Welcome back my friends :)  Things around the Canadian portion of the HH lab have been a bit on the quiet side for the past few days due to my cold.  Thankfully, I awoke this morning feeling much better then I had over the weekend.  Needless to say, I have a bit of work that needs tending too ;)  However, before I head back to the test bench, here is a bit of news to help tie you over till the AM...

Galaxy & Gainward GeForce FX 5900 XT's Review @ Beyond3D

"Overall the pixel shader results highlight that the 5900XT cards are a better option than the 5700 Ultra for games which have shaders forming a large portion of the rendering workload. When one looks at all of the results from the synthetic tests, it would seem that the XT models are the better option altogether, as most games will be limited by the fill rate and memory bandwidth of the graphics adapter, if it isn't CPU-bound."

Venus DS3 External 3.5" Enclosure @ Extreme Overclocking

"These days, it's all about portability and taking important work/files with you on the go. There are a lot of portable storage options from CDs, DVDs, memory sticks, and compact flash cards... but these still have limited storage compared to an actual hard drive. Also, sometimes you don't want to lug around a notebook computer, or a notebook might not have the functionality you need. This is where external hard drive enclosures come into play. With an external enclosure it becomes possible to take an internal 3.5" hard drive and use it on any computer with a USB connection."

Fujitsu MAS3735NP 73GB (15K RPM) @Hardwarezone

"Fujitsu's storage line-up includes not only 2.5-inch hard disk drives for the mobile market, but also some very high-end enterprise-class storage drives as well. Today, we look at their 15,000RPM drive and find out how it stacks against Maxtor and Seagate."

Rio Karma 20GB Hard Drive MP3 Player @ ExtremeMHz

When it comes to digital audio players or "DAP's" as most people like to refer to them, the IPOD continues to have a strong hold of the market.  Apparently, size does matter to many and there are only a select group of players currently available that compete well with the IPOD.  One such device is the Rio Karma.  This player has been the most appealing alternative since the introduction of the Nomad Jukebox Zen which we reviewed quite some time ago. While the Zen did impress us with its excellent sound quality and playback features, the Rio Karma offers you much more and is one device that that has truly been designed for the hardcore audiophile.

That is all for now my friends, I will catch you back here later :) - Cheers

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