Future Generation Smartphone Tech To Include Biometric Security

It’s an obvious solution to a rampant problem, and indeed, biometric security measures will be coming to more and more mobile devices in the near future. As we rely more on our smartphones for everything from communications to content consumption to banking, there’s a deep well of data parked on or connected to those little computers we carry around everywhere. And that’s just on the consumer level; at the enterprise level, phones may contain confidential company communications, private employee data, and corporate secrets.

Yet for some reason, too many of us don’t bother to even set a weak password to protect them, even though the risk of loss or theft is incredibly high compared to a typical desktop or notebook.

Validity biometric
Validity's biometric technology

Partially, that’s because having to unlock your phone every time you use it is a huge pain; it’s like having to unlock the interior doors in your house every time you have to use the bathroom or run upstairs. Biometric solutions can totally change both the level of protection on smartphone as well as the ease of access for the primary user.

According to Biometric Update, biometric solutions are coming. Samsung, for example, demoed a screen with a fingerprint sensor at CES (which is a concept so simple and brilliant that it has to become a Real Thing), and Apple is developing something along those lines with its acquisition of AuthenTec. Other biometric technologies are in the works as well, including voice and facial recognition that is powered by the excellent microphones and cameras already built into higher-end smartphones; a lot of this innovation will be software-based.

Biometric solutions need to come fast; thankfully, it appears as though the likes of Apple and Samsung are racing to implement the best ones before the other guy, which means that this type of security will only get better and more powerful in the near future.