Fusion-io NAND Flash PCIe Drive, Blinding Speed

How about a 80, 160, 320 or 640Gig NAND Flash drive on PCI Express card?  Sounds interesting, right?  What if we told you such a product could hit an amazing 800MB/sec sustained data rate?  OK, so it's an expensive Enterprise SAN type product but great oogly-moogly!  That's some blinding speed.  Salt Lake's Fusion-io is poised to release such a product to market. 

"The ioDrive™ is the industry's first, NAND based enterprise storage solution that provides access rates comparable to DRAM with storage capacity on par with disks — being able to improve both memory capacity and storage performance by 100x. The ioDrive™ leverages Fusion-io's proprietary ioMemory™ architecture to strip away the complexity and limitations of traditional storage infrastructure to provide a high performance, highly scalable Local Storage device or Storage Cache device.... The ioDrive™ is designed to deliver 100,000 IOPS (input/output per second) per PCIe x4 card, while achieving sustained data rates of 800MB/sec (Read) and 600MB/sec (Write) — making the ioDrive™ almost a thousand times faster than any existing disk drive."

We like their Product Demo Hottie a bit more than their Director of Marketing but hey, he's an informative ol' chap, isn't he?  Stay tuned here while we get our hands on one of these for testing and the benchmark gauntlet.