Fujitsu's 10" Stylistic Q550 Tablet Will Use Oak Trail & Windows 7

Fujitsu getting into the tablet game? It's true! With the world waiting patiently for Microsoft's big push into this market, the Stylistic Q550 will be one of the first Windows 7-based tablets to come from a major name in the industry. A few options popped up last year, but all of them seemed underpowered and short-lived. But this particular tablet, which should be fully revealed at CeBIT in Germany next month, will be one of the first to ship with Intel's Oak Trail platform. That should provide more power and less battery drain, and it may be the magic bullet that finally makes Win7 a legitimate tablet OS.

We still have our doubts about using a desktop OS on a tablet, but Fujitsu's marketing this as a "business slate," so having Win7 Professional onboard makes more sense over rivals like Android or Linux. Some details are still missing, but the major ones are here: a 10" LED touch panel, 32GB of 64GB of internal storage, a single USB port, optional 3D module and plenty of security features. Those include a smartcard slot, fingerprint reader, and trusted-platform module (TPM), and there will be front & rear cameras for video chats.

The tablet is expected to ship this April in Europe, but no price has been established. Considering just how pricey even Android tablets have become, we aren't expecting a bargain.