Friday Night Off-Topic - Health Care Absurdities

Tonight we'll kick off the weekend with something off-topic that might just get you fighting mad - as in angry.  We all know the health care system here in the US leaves a lot to be desired in spots.  Insurance companies shafting patients in need, drug companies gouging; you know the drill.  But when the “good Doctor” is too blinded by his own jaded view of the people that he is charged with the responsibility of healing, it’s just plain inexcusable.  We’re all human, sure.  Humans make mistakes.  However, if the pride of something as superficial as our vocational pedigree gets in the way of sound judgment, it quickly goes beyond human – or in other words - inhumane.    

"The doctor would ask me questions, over and over, trying to determine some great secret I was hiding. He could not ken the existence of a person that generally cares for themselves, or is cared for by their family, has no medical problems, eats properly, does not smoke at all or drink more than one beer at a time. He kept asking me if I was a junkie or I had sat next to an A-hole lawyer that coughed a lot on a plane and so forth. The truth wasn't good enough for him. If I was normal, I'd have the precious card; I saw the wheels turning in his head. He didn't want to find anything mundane, and help me; he wanted me to be exotically sick, to amuse him.

And after six hours of this misery, the doctor turned into a jailhouse lawyer for the bugs that manifestly are hiding in my body, but he couldn't prove it with his off-topic tests, so there would be no course of treatment offered. He who had literally raised his voice to me to berate me for not visiting him sooner, told me to go home and drink water and take Advil.

I was too tired to strike him."

Fortunately, Cousin Greg, or Sipp, as he is known to the folk that frequent his blog, saw a doctor today that finally listened to him and actually wrote him a script for a simple antibiotic that will make him well again.  Greg writes for you here a couple times a day, 5 days a week in the news.  He's a gifted man with the written word and with the natural elements, wood, etc - a craftsman of sorts.  He's been running a fever of 104 or so for the last month off and on and has a strain of Lyme disease or some sort of insect-born illness.  Four doctors later, he finally found one that would treat him based on his symptoms and based on his input.  Thankfully, he might actually live.

Greg will be back next week, he projects for us, to harass Steve Jobs and a few others on our page again soon.  Wish him well.  He could use it.

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