Here's How To Get A PlayStation VR Camera Adapter For Your PS5 Free From Sony

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Who says nothing in life is free? Sony is currently giving away free PlayStation VR camera adapters to every current owner who requests one, and they won't even need to pay for shipping. Sony announced that the existing PSVR headset can be used to play PlayStation 4 games on the upcoming PlayStation 5 console. PSVR owners will need to use their PS4 camera to play the games on the PS5. A PSVR camera adapter is required to make this entire set-up work. Unfortunately, this is an item that PSVR owners do not currently have. 

Sony is thankfully giving away one free PSVR camera adapter per household. PSVR owners can go to this website to request their own adapter. The application process appears to vary by region, but users will need their PSVR serial number, basic personal information, and shipping information. This may be the only opportunity for PSVR owners to pick up an adapters, as it is unclear whether it will be sold separately in the future.

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A few users are having issues with the request website. Some users are unable to get past the CAPTCHA, while others are struggling to submit the form. Sony has requested that those who have experienced issues try again later when the website is less slammed. There is also a PlayStation Support number that users can try.

It is a bit unclear when the adapters will ship out to U.S. customers, although Japanese PSVR owners should receive their adapters over the next few days. The rest of the world should anticipate the arrival of their adapters between the middle of November and early December. The adapters will hopefully arrive around the same time as the new consoles, but there could be delays.

There are a few additional details to note about the PSVR and its compatibility with the PS5. First, PSVR owners will need to use a PS4 controller and will not be able to take advantage of the new PS5 DualSense controller. Second, DWVR and Crytek’s Robinson: The Journey will not be able to be played on the PS5. There are several other PS4 games that cannot be run on the PS5 despite anyone’s best efforts. This list is certainly disappointing, but the majority of PS4 games will be able to be played on the new console.