Framework Starts Selling Refurbished Modular Laptops And Expansion Card Packs

framework hero
Modular laptop pioneer Framework today kick-started its refurbished products program. Framework claims this is evidence of its commitment to respecting people and the planet, and to minimizing waste by encouraging a circular economy. The program begins with North American customers being given the choice of three Refurbished Framework Laptop DIY Edition PCs, as well as a Refurbished Expansion Card Pack.

What choices do you have among the refurbished laptops? At the time of writing, there are a trio of 11th Gen Intel Core Tiger Lake mobile processor powered ‘DIY Edition’ devices in the store. The cheapest model available is powered by an Intel Core i5-1135G7 processor, but comes ‘barebone’ - without RAM, storage, a Wi-Fi module, or even a power supply. Don’t forget, you will have to supply your own OS too. The $600 asking price for this refurb saves you $80 on the same new model, which requires the same parts / expansions to make it a useful laptop. Framework is also offering an Intel Core i7-1165G7 powered model for $800, and a Core i7-1185G7 model priced at $1,069 (both also barebone).

working on a framework laptop refurb

From what Framework says about these refurbished laptops, they should be barely discernible from a new product. Most of these SKUs have been created after being returned under Framework’s 30-day return guarantee. Apparently, they then go through an "extensive testing and cleaning process," so will probably be less prone to DOA failure than a brand-new sample. If there are any cosmetic disadvantages to a refurb, any surface marks or so on, these details will be provided on the product sales pages.

Also being prepared by Framework are Refurbished Expansion Card Packs. These sound pretty essential for anyone grabbing a ‘DIY Edition’ laptop, refurbed or brand new. In this pack you will find two USB-C, one USB-A, and one HDMI card. With all the refurbs it is selling, laptops and expansion cards, buyers get a full one-year warranty.

expansion cards for framework

Framework isn’t extending its refurbished program to other markets it operates in right now (i.e. Europe and Australia) for the simple reason that it hasn’t had enough returns to build-up sufficient stock.

Earlier this year, Framework launched Linux-friendly Intel Alder Lake upgrade kits for its laptops, and they are compatible with these refurbs. However, stumping up $500+ to upgrade now, at this stage of the Alder Lake lifecycle, doesn’t seem prudent. There are lots of other expansion cards to choose in the marketplace, though, to customize the laptop to better suit your needs.