Foxconn to Make Apple Handset

DigiTimes reports that Foxconn will be handling the production of Apple's first handset which is slated to debut sometime in the first half of 2007. Although the cellphone has been a hot rumor for the last year or so, overseas component vendors are supposedly receiving orders and a BOM has obviously been created which seems to provide concrete proof that the product's launch is eminent. Should the new phone be even remotely as successful as the iPod, Apple will surely have another winner on their hands.

Foxconn Electronics (the registered trade name of Hon Hai Precision Industry) will manufacture Apple's first handset with shipments of 12 million units, according to today's Chinese-language Commercial Times, which quoted Taiwan-based iPod component makers as saying. The paper indicated that Apple will release its music handset in the first half of 2007.


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