Foxconn 755A01-6EKRS Review & Some News

Good Evening HotHardware Fans!  Just in case you missed it, we've just posted a new review of Foxconn's 755A01-6EKRS - a SiS755 powered, Socket 754 motherboard for the Athlon 64.  You can click the picture at the top of the page, or save a few seconds and click this link...

We've also got some fresh news for you as well...


SANTA CLARA, CA—MAY 11, 2004—NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), the worldwide leader in visual processing solutions, today announced that NVIDIA Personal Cinema FX 5700 series is now shipping. The newest product addition to the NVIDIA Personal Cinema product family provides consumers with an easy and affordable way to transform their desktop PCs into digital entertainment centers by combining full digital video recorder (DVR) functionality and video editing software with the power and performance of the award-winning NVIDIA GeForce™ FX 5700 graphics processing units (GPUs).

A complete multimedia hardware and software solution, NVIDIA Personal Cinema includes an integrated TV tuner/graphics card with support for digital (DVI) and analog (VGA) monitors, a multifunction remote control (with USB receiver), a media hub that allows for easy connectivity of audio/video peripherals, and the new NVIDIA ForceWare™ Multimedia software application. The addition of the GeForce FX 5700 model to the Personal Cinema family also features component-out video support for both high definition (HD) and progressive scan/standard definition (SD) TV formats.  READ MORE...

 Fully Equipped Small Form-Factor PCs Featuring the Best of NVIDIA Technology Now Available Directly from Shuttles Online Store:

ELECTRONIC ENTERTAINMENT EXPO—LOS ANGELES, CA—MAY 11, 2004—NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), the worldwide leader in visual processing solutions, and Shuttle Computer Group Inc., a leading provider of motherboards and small form-factor PCs, today announced the immediate availability of Shuttle's new fully-equipped XPC Systems, featuring Shuttle's world-renowned small form-factor PC designs, AMD Athlon 64 and AMD Athlon XP processors, and NVIDIA's award-winning GeForce™ graphics processing units (GPUs) and NVIDIA nForce™3 and NVIDIA nForce2 media and communications processors (MCPs). The new XPC systems will be on display at the NVIDIA booth—#324 in the South Hall—at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) being held this week at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

"NVIDIA is pleased to have a partner in Shuttle that shares our commitment to R&D and providing consumers with the superior technology and products", said Drew Henry, general manager of platform business at NVIDIA. "The quality of Shuttle's XPC systems makes them the hands-down leaders in their category." READ MORE...



 EPoX 8KDA3 Review @ LegionHardware.Com:

"Therefore EPoX gave the nForce3 150 chipset a miss and offered just one Athlon64 solution based on the VIA K8T800 chipset. The arrival of the nForce3 250 chipset must have pleased the engineers over at EPoX as they have already released two boards based on the chipset. While one solution is simply the light version of the other, there are two nonetheless. EPoX has named their upper class nForce3 250 motherboard the 8KDA3 . Just last week I reviewed a Gigabyte nForce3 250 motherboard that offered every feature possible to stick on a motherboard. The K8NSNXP is an exceptional motherboard and has set the benchmark for this EPoX outfit."

 ATI IGP9100 Pro Chipset Preview @ Sudhian Media:

"Back in December, ATI finally launched their long awaited RS300 core logic dubbed the IGP9100. The IGP9100 was the first core logic with a competent onboard graphics core that would allow you to *gasp* play games decently. As preposterous as it sounds, ATI made it possible for P4 systems. The problem back with the IGP9100 was a memory controller that didn't perform quite as well as the 865G. To hopefully counteract the reduced memory performance, ATI included a feature called Surroundview that allowed IGP owners to install an ATI graphics card to allow triple head display."

That's just about going to do it for now, but if anything exciting happens I'll stop back in.  Thanks for stopping by!

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