Fortnite Zero Build Is An Instant Hit And Brings Big Streamers Back

fortnite zero build
Fortnite Zero Build is bringing back old players and enticing new ones to give it a try. The popular battle royale game has provided an option for those who struggled with the game's building mechanics with a Zero Build mode.

Fortnite has long been known for its building mechanic, which also kept many from playing the extremely popular game. If you were not able to quickly build a two-story tower and encase yourself inside a barricade of brick and steel, you probably found the skirmishes in the game a bit overwhelming. But there is now hope for those who lack the ability to build massive barricades in a matter of seconds, and it comes in the form of a Zero Build mode.

Since the new non-building mode was introduced, some of the biggest names to play the game, such as Upshall Games and Ninja, have given it high praise. The Zero Build mode has reinvigorated some diehard fans and has also been bringing new fans to the game. People have been posting on social media that the removal of the building mechanic has finally made the game playable and enjoyable. It has left some wondering why the mode did not exist in the game from the beginning.

The no-build mode was not immediately embraced by all, however. In an interview, Michael "The Fierce Diva" Reynolds, a Facebook Gaming streamer, stated, "Initially, I hated it and I was absolutely furious. Since I play the game so much, the way people would assess my skill is through how I build and edit. However, my movement and all that stuff, I'm not so good at it."

Reynolds has since changed his mind about the new no-build mode, saying, "It's easy to move around the map and pick up weapons too. I think Fortnite is showing the industry that it does not need building to be as exciting as it once was."

While the move may have had some questioning what Epic was thinking by removing the building mechanic, others who had left the game were returning to give it another shot, such as Dr. Lupo, TimTheTatman, and Tfue.

The addition of Zero Build mode is still quite fresh and while it may not be everyone's cup of tea, it has been met with plenty of praise. Fortnite streamers are also reporting that the removal of building from the game has not negatively impacted their viewership.

Ali SypherPK Hassan said, "My chat is really enjoying Zero Build and our viewership is besting ever our recent spikes. Fortnite Zero Build might not be at its previous peak, but it sure feels like we're getting there."

What are your thoughts on Zero Build mode? Has the removal of the building mechanic caused you to give Fortnite a try? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.