This Fortnite Shopping Cart Glitch Abused By Gamers Is Driving Epic Nuts

Epic Games had good intentions when it rolled out rideable shopping carts to Fortnite's Battle Royale mode, but in the short time they have been around, the developer has had to disable them multiple times to work out some kinks. The latest shopping cart ban is "due to ongoing issues" and comes just two hours after they were reinstated into the game. While Epic Games didn't get into specifics, they've probably been disabled due to a glitch that allows players to clip the map and wander beneath the surface of the map.
Who knew that implementing shopping carts into a battle royale shooter would prove so tricky? Clipping seems to be one of the most pervasive problem. When shopping carts first arrived to Fortnite, it was quickly discovered that if a player fell through the map wile riding one, every other player would inexplicably drop dead, with each death marked as a shopping cart kill and attributed to the player who rode to victory in weird fashion. Have a look:

You can see the winning player just hovering in air with 85 shopping cart kills recorded. Epic Games disabled them on June 11, two weeks after they were introduced on May 30, and they returned on June 14. They were again removed on June 16, then returned to action on June 20 for all of two hours before once again being disabled. The reason this time around appears to be, in part, because of the aforementioned clipping issue that enables players to dive under the map. Check it out:

There have been some other glitches related to the shopping cart as well. Here's a lengthier video from a couple of weeks ago that highlights some of the shopping cart bugs in Fortnite:

Epic Games has disabled certain features before, so this is nothing new. However, the developer does not usually run into so many glitches in such a short period, as is the case with the shopping carts. It's certainly a unique item, and one that few people could have predicted would be included in the game. Unfortunately, it's also proving problematic. Here's hoping Epic Games can work out the bugs and enable the feature for good next time around.