Fortnite Battle Royale Shooter Adds Rideable Shopping Carts For Speedy Getaways

Fortnite Shopping Cart

As if inspired by an episode of Jackass where Johnny Knoxville and the gang participate in outrageous stunts. Epic Games is adding a shopping cart to Fortnite, its incredibly popular battle royale shooter that now has more concurrent users than PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG). And no, the carts are not for shopping, of course, but for riding around the map with room for two.

The new rideable shopping carts are being rolled out with the latest patch, version 4.3. You can "ride solo or grab a friend to cover you as you roll around the map together." Players can push a cart around the landscape, and if you're seated as a passenger, you can fire at enemies. The new rideable shopping carts will be scattered around the world in various locations, and they will be susceptible to fall damage.

There is plenty more being introduced with the latest patch, including new UI elements to track your Challenges in-match, faster build times for structures, a new mushroom forage item (it grants 5 shield, up to 100), and several performance optimizations. Specifically, here is a look at the performance tweaks:
  • Major optimization pass to the end of match UI in order to reduce hitching on elimination.
  • Fixed a case where traps and weapons were being improperly removed from memory between matches and causing in-game hitches.
  • Major optimization for distance field ambient occlusion on PC, PS4 Pro and Xbox One X (GPU optimization).
  • Optimized translucency rendering on consoles in all scenes (GPU optimization).
  • Made additional improvements to material loading. This will help buildings and characters stream in even faster and reduce hitching.
  • Lowered CPU cost of moving simulated networked characters, especially those invisible or furthest away from the player.
There's actually quite a bit in the new patch. Players will have access to two limited time modes, Blitz and Teams of 20. As its name suggests, Blitz plays out considerably quicker than a regular battle royale match. And Teams of 20 pits five teams of 20 players to duke it out, each of which gets their own bus to make it easier to drop together.

Epic Games is also bring back a Blockbuster event to Save the World with Part 2: A Hero is Born. It has players reuniting with Ray and joining the effort to save Spitfire. This second part is playing out now.

Hit the source link for the full patch notes with an extensive list of new and fixed items.