Here's Where To Find Fortnite Birthday Cake Dance Challenge Locations, Get On Down

Fortnite is celebrating its second birthday in-game on the PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch and mobile devices. The birthday celebration has a handful of challenges that players can partake in, and for the players who finish them all, a special reward awaits. Fortnite players who complete all four birthday challenges will be rewarded with the Birthday Cake harvesting tool.

Birthday Cake Challenge

While three of those challenges are pretty straightforward and need no explanation, the one that may give players trouble requires dancing in front of birthday cakes. The birthday cake dancing challenge is similar to a challenge that Fortnite had for last year's birthday celebration. The challenge is finding the birthday cakes. Thankfully, there is a map that gives you the location of the cakes so players can get their groove on.

There are ten birthday cakes in total stashed away in different sections of the map. Knowing the location of the cakes is the only hard part, aside from not getting shot while trying to get there and get your dance on. Those who get shot a few times before getting to the cake locations can grab a slice of cake from around the large cake to replenish health and shield. You can't visit the same location repeatedly for the dancing challenge; this challenge requires visiting ten different locations. However, eating the cake does count towards progress in a different birthday challenge. The birthday challenges are listed below:

  • Play matches (10) -- Wrap
  • Dance in front of different Birthday Cakes (10) -- B-day Beats music track
  • Outlast Opponents (500) -- Spray
  • Gain health or shield from Birthday Cake (50) -- Banner

The birthday celebration has launched just ahead of Season 10 kicking off, and about a week after the epic robot versus monster beat down that celebrated the end of season 9. We still don't know what the orb will do, but speculation is that it might explode and change the entire Fortnite map for Season 10.

** Update, 7/28/19 - A Fortnite World Cup Champion has emerged and it's a 15 year old British dead-eye who scored himself nearly a cool million, while cheaters were also outed and shamed in glorious payback.