Where To Find Fortnite Hideout Locations For Proper Ambushing

fortnite trash
Fortnite fans have been enjoying Chapter 2 along with the new map and challenges that came with it. New challenges have landed, and one of them has players hiding out in spots around the map to jump out and kill your opponents. The ability to utilize hideouts is a new mechanic in Chapter 2, and Epic Games wants people to use it.

For the challenge, all you have to do is slink out into the environment and find either a dumpster or a bale of hay and hide. To use one of the hideouts, all players need to do is find one, walk up to it, and then interact with it. There are multiple hideouts around the map. 

Players will need to hide in a hideout in three different matches to complete the challenge. For hiding in dumpsters, Oscar the Grouch style, the best places to look are around the back of buildings in locations like Retail Row, Sweaty Sands, Dirty Docks, and so forth. If hiding in the trash isn't your thing, head to the rural parts of the map and search out bales of hay.

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Image Source: Fortnite Boards

You're specifically looking for the big round bales of hay that you can find at places like Frenzy Farm, not the small ones you may run across on the map. It's worth noting that you don't want to slip into a hiding spot while an opponent can see you. They can kill you by destroying the hideout while you are in there.

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