What The F? Where To Find Fortnite Chapter 2 Hidden Letter F Challenge

fortnite f load screen
Things have been rather strange in Fortnite as of late, with Season 10 ending in a bizarre black hole that kicked players out of the game for a long while. When the game finally came back, Fortnite Chapter 2 was born like the big bang, with a completely new map and of course the challenges continue. The first of the new challenges for Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 1, is to find the letter "F" as the first step in an ongoing challenge to collect all the letters needed to spell "Fortnite."

As with Fortnite challenges in past seasons, the hardest part of the new challenge is finding the letter. Finding it is also doubly-difficult, when you consider the map is entirely new. The good news is that if you look closely in the loading screen, you can see the letter "F" sitting on a hilltop in the distance, to the right of the three characters on the screen.

The letter is sitting near Lazy Lake, the image below shows the character standing in front of the letter and the approximate location on the map. The letter "F" doesn't look all that much like a letter to us but hey, stranger things have happened in Fortnite we suppose. It looks more like a wrinkled sheet of paper from most angles.

fortnite f

Once you find that letter, you interact with it to collect it and complete the challenge. Completing the challenge will win you 14,000 season XP. Each week a new letter will be out there to find. If you are only a casual Fortnite player, you can learn more about all the goings-on that led to Chapter 2. Fortnite Chapter 2 has new gameplay, vehicles, and a revamped battle pass. Other new features include new boats, pogo sticks, and new emotes for getting your dance on.