Fortnite Chapter 2 Now Live With New Gameplay, Vehicles And Revamped Battle Pass

Fortnite Fishing
After more than a day of downtime, the black hole in Fortnite has closed, the servers have been flipped back on, and Chapter 2 is now live. The second chapter brings with it a fresh map to explore with more than a dozen new locations (or exactly a baker's dozen, if you prefer), new weapons and vehicles,!

Wait, fishing? Yes! Water is not in short supply in Chapter 2 with a bunch of lakes spread about, and so there are plenty of opportunities to hop in a motorboat, swim, catch fish, and basically get your feet wet on the new map (figuratively and literally).

Epic Games is taking somewhat of a gamble by casting the old map into the ether and herding millions of players into the new landscape. However, Fortnite is still, at its core, the same popular game—as with before, players parachute onto an island and try to be the last person standing.

Chapter 2 could be just the thing Fortnite needs to stay fresh and relevant. In addition to a new map, Epic Games introduced a retooled user interface and game mechanics. It is going to take some time for players to get acclimated to all of the changes.

Players can now hide in haystacks and dumpsters to ambush opponents. There is also a support element—players can carry a fallen teammate to safety.

Epic Games also made changes to its Battle Pass subscription system.

"Battle Pass progression has been updated to give you more ways to level up, earn XP, and medals from a variety of in-game activities like searching chests, eliminating opponents, completing challenges, and more!," Epic Games says.

In short, Epic Games is promising "more fun" and "less grind." The early reaction from the fan base seems to be positive, and if that holds up, this will be a gamble that pays off in a big way.