How To Watch Today's Fortnite Galactus Event In The Ultimate Nexus War Live Finale

galactus fight
Fortnite’s Marvel themed season will be ending soon, and to send it off is a big event happening live at 4 PM EST today. The Marvel Comic supervillain Galactus, or “Devourer of Worlds,” will be attacking the Fortnite island that is currently defended by the many Marvel superheroes that appeared this season. How will this battle play out? We will have to wait and see.

When Is The Event Happening?

The event starts officially today at 4 PM EST. Epic Games recommends getting into the game around 60 minutes early to make sure you can attend. Moreover, the event playlist will start 30m before the official start time of 4 PM EST.

Tips and Tricks For Getting In Without A Hitch

First and foremost, Epic Games states that you need the 14.60 Fortnite update. You can log on and install it from the Epic launcher or wherever you got Fortnite from. They also recommend, but do not require, Houseparty. This way, you can enjoy the event with friends in the video call service.

Recording The One-Time Event

Epic Games states that “Replays will not be available at the conclusion of the event,” so if you want to catch this event later, you will need to find a YouTube or Twitch channel that saved it. For the content creators, Epic Games has some extra terms and conditions for recording the event that you should check out here. If you do end up wanting to record the event yourself, you can use programs such as OBS or NVIDIA Shadowplay and record or go live online.

As Epic Games writes, “Galactus is closing in on the Island, and the fate of all Reality lies in the balance.” You can join in on the battle today at 4 PM EST and try to defeat Galactus as he attacks the Fortnite island. If you have some free time, check out this event later today and let us know how it went in the comments below.