Where To Find Deadpool's Big Black Marker And Recruitment Posters In Fortnite

deadpool fishing

Fans of Fortnite have been following along with the Deadpool challenges the last several weeks are nearing the end. Week 6 is here, and shortly the Deadpool challenges will come to an end with fans who've completed them all able to unlock the Deadpool skin. So far, Deadpool challenges have been straightforward and this week's challenges are no different.

Week 6 challenges are easy, with the first having players looking for a big black marker. To find that marker, you don't even need to leave the in-game menu to complete the challenge. Players will need to go to Brutus' agent room in the top left corner of the battle pass room. Go into the room, and the big black marker will be on the table to his right.

black marker

The second challenge requires players to drop into a match and search for recruitment posters. There are recruitment posters scattered around the game, and you can search on other locations if you want. However, a good place to find three of them in close proximity is in Frenzy Farm. Once at that location, one recruitment poster is in the big white house, another is in the barn, and another in the small building towards the southern end of the location. Completing those two missions will award players with a red and black weapon wrap.

Last week we talked about changes to Deadpool's lair that included a calendar that appears to show when the Deadpool skin will be released. Earlier this week, we talked about some of the other Fortnite challenges that are available this week, including where to find Lake Canoe, Camp Cod, and Rainbow Rentals to dance and complete one of the challenges. An image in that story has circles around the locations where you can go to complete the challenge.