Fortnite Season 2: Where To Find Lake Canoe, Camp Cod And Rainbow Rentals To Disco Down

fortnite river
As with many Fortnite weekly challenges, the hardest part for some of them is finding where you're supposed to go. This week, one of the big challenges is for players to find Lake Canoe, Camp Cod, and Rainbow Rentals and do a little dance. The exact locations where players need to get their groove on are unmarked on the map. However, we've conjured a map below that shows where you can find each of the three locations.

Lake Canoe has about 50 canoes in the area, making it easy to identify. The map below shows that it's on the East side of the island not far from The Grotto and the Dirty Docks. Camp Cod is in the southeastern part of the map and is a large island southeast of Misty Meadows. Rainbow Rentals is in the southwestern section of the map, where there are a bunch of beachfront homes to explore.

dancing locations fortnite

Those aren't the only challenges available for players to take advantage of this week. Another Fortnite challenge has players seeking out dog houses to destroy that are littered across the map. Most of the dog houses are in the northern hemisphere of the map. There are dog houses in Pleasant Park, Holly Hedges, and Salty Springs, among other locations. Players should look in the backyards of homes to find the dog houses.

Another interesting challenge has players trying to accomplish three things in a single match. Specifically, players have to visit Steamy Stacks and go inside one of the big towers to complete the first portion of the task. Players will complete the challenge when they use a secret passage and ride a zip line, completing all three of those tasks in a single match. Several other missions are available this week that are part of the Meowscles Mischief challenges.

In other Fortnite news, earlier this week we talked about when the Deadpool skin would be available.