Forget RGB, This Decadent Razer Gaming Mouse Is Made From 24 Karat Gold

hero viper
Razer just announced a mint-looking Viper Signature Mini mouse plated in 24 karat gold. Since it's a one-of-a-kind commission, we won't be able to buy one (even if we wanted to). 

Razer's CEO Tan Min Liang tweeted (or X-ed) about a special Razer Viper Signature Mini covered in 24 karat gold. He didn't mention the price, but even assuming the gold encompasses only the top shell (and with 1 gram of gold going for about $62.50 at current market value), our guess is that this mouse could list for somewhere around the $1,000 mark.
"We don't have a list price to it because it's just so insanely over the top and special," Tan says on X. "I just had to take a couple of quick pics of it but the images truly don't do it justice."

While the "standard" Viper Signature Mini retails for $280, this bling version likely slaps a golden mold over the existing magnesium alloy chassis. This adds weight and reduced grip, but honestly, whoever ends up with this mouse is probably more concerned about how it matches the rest of their gold-threaded curtains, golden toilet, and other kitschy deco, than their actual gaming prowess. 

Curiously, one of the pictures that shows the mouse in an equally special storage case has a blurred-out plaque. Could that be the unique maker's mark, the name of the owner, or both? Who do you think this Viper was commissioned for? A child of a wealthy baron? A recent Powerball winner? At any rate, maybe the next custom creation will feature RGB lighting rigged to shine through diamonds.

Image credits: Razer/X