Virgin Galactic Is Raffling Off Two Seats On An Upcoming Suborbital Space Flight

for a meager 5 you could go to space courtesy of richard branson and virgin galactic
On Sunday, Virgin Galactic founder and owner Richard Branson took off to the edge of space with several other specialists from Virgin Galactic. Now that he has returned, Branson announced “something very exciting to give more people a chance to become astronauts”: a giveaway for two seats on a Virgin Galactic flight to space.

After returning to Earth, Sir Richard Branson took the stage yesterday to describe his flight and explain the importance of spaceflight. In this, he announced anyone could have the chance to win two seats on a Virgin Galactic flight sometime in 2022. You can see his announcement video below:

To enter, you can follow this link to Omaze and donate as little as $5 to have your chance at going to space. However, you do not necessarily have to donate to enter the giveaway, but it is a good thing to do. The proceeds from this giveaway will then go to Space for Humanity, an organization whose goal is to “expand access to space, train our leaders of tomorrow and contribute to a culture of interconnectedness.”

A winning $5 ticket for a chance to go to space is significantly better than the several hundred thousand dollars Virgin Galactic charges for everyone else. Moreover, this is just a cool opportunity to support a good organization and have the chance to go to space. If you want to find out more about the giveaway, you can do so here.