Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Alpha 3 Now Available For Testers As Boeing 747-8i Takes Flight

boeing 747 flight

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 fans have been waiting in anticipation for the latest version of the alpha to launch. Developers have announced that Flight Simulator 2020 Alpha 3, build, is now available. One of the most important additions in this new alpha build is another major commercial aircraft with the Boeing 747-8i now available for alpha participants to fly. Since the game is currently in alpha form and the 747 is brand-new, there are several issues with the aircraft in the game that will be addressed in the coming weeks.

Among the major issues with the 747 include potential navigation problems due to discrepancies between the world map flight plan and the FMC. Developers say that stall speeds are lower than expected, resulting in an early rotation and lower takeoff speeds than expected. The developers also warned that the aircraft could lose altitude during turns. A full list of issues with the Boeing 747-8i is offered in the development update.

Devs have made specific changes and improvements to the Airbus A320 introduced in alpha 1.2.10. Updates for the A320 include auto thrust and pitch behavior that no longer lead to stalls. Waypoints are no longer duplicated in FMS, and numerous improvements for navigation and control were added to the game. The latest alpha update also includes fixes to several other aircraft, including the TBM 930, G58, DA62, DR400, C152, Xcub, and C172 G1000.

General improvements in this alpha include ice that no longer remains on any aircraft once conditions outside are no longer freezing or icing. The scale of the G1000 VFR map has been addressed, and increasing pitch oscillations that lead to crashes or stalling of aircraft on autopilot no longer occur. A bunch of airport-specific changes have been made with the developers noting that since the last alpha build, more than 7600 generic airports have been updated and improved based on Bing aerial imagery. The alpha update also brings numerous stability and performance fixes to the game overall.

Postponed deliverable Episode 8 (IFR) is currently targeted to release on May 28. The next partnership series update will release in early June. The focus on SDK development has intensified in recent weeks, and as a result, the SDK is getting more mature. Developers are in contact with more than 200 companies and over 400 developers who have access to the SDK with lots of work on additional airports and aircraft from these third-party developers underway. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is shaping up to be the best flight simulator available, and we can't wait for a more widespread beta release (and eventual public retail release).