Flash Player 10.1 Final Build Now Available For Nexus One

Yep, it's finally here! Flash Player 10.1 has finally been made official for Google's Nexus One, enabling it to play back Flash content and display Flash websites in a way that the iPod touch, iPad and iPhone can only dream of doing. The N1 has had a beta version for a while now, one that we mentioned (and loved) in our Android 2.2 review. But there's nothing like a final build, clear of bugs, and that's what Google's making available now through the Android Market.

The announcement was made a joint Android / Flash event in California, and it couldn't have come at a better time. Android is really picking up steam in the global smartphone market share race, and having a final Flash Player 10.1 for download makes it even more attractive. We are guessing that other Froyo-enabled phones will be able to download it shortly, but for now, you'll need a Nexus One. We've tested it out and it's quite impressive. There's nothing quite like being able to surf to a Flash website on your mobile. Give it a go if you own one of these phones.