First Doom Update Brings Photo Mode And Old School Weapon Placement Shout Out To Original Game

The recent Doom reboot published by Bethesda and developed by id Software has been getting rave reviews from fans of the franchise, both old and new, and it's about to get even better. That's because the first major update for Doom is on its way—it's due out on June 30th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, Bethesda announced.

It will roll out automatically to Xbox One and PC via Steam. If you're rocking Doom on a PS4 console, you can either manually grab the update once it becomes available or configure your system to grab automatic updates (head to your console's settings).


The update will introduce a Photo Mode for taking in-game screenshots of the action, in case you want to save and/or share those hair raising moments that comprise Doom. You'll find the toggle for Photo Mode in the game settings—it's available through the pause menu once you are loaded into a map via Mission Select.

As a throwback to old school gamers with fond memories of the original Doom, the update also adds a new weapon placement view that centers your weapons similar to how you might remember playing Doom back in the day. It doesn't really change gameplay, but it's a welcome touch of nostalgia, for those who want it.

Beyond those highlights, the update will feature a bunch of general improvements, optimizations, and fixes for more commonly reported bugs in single player, multiplayer, and SnapMap modes. They include the following:

Single Player
  • Fixed Steam Friends’ Ultra-Nightmare Helmets not populating the map
  • Fixed freeze when opening weapon wheel at more than 142 FPS (PC)
  • Fixed quit to desktop when clicking campaign after initiating Dev Mode (PC)
  • Fixed “IDKFA” Trophy/Achievement not properly unlocking (all versions)
  • Fixed PS4 crash when reloading checkpoint in Foundry
  • Fixed some occurrences of the “Every Nook and Cranny” Trophy not unlocking after collecting all Doomguys (PS4)
  • Fixed an issue where the game required Internet access (Xbox One)
  • Fixed crash while experiencing server connection issues (PS4
  • Fixed crash when a client suspends the game while a lobby loads into a match (PS4)
  • Various cosmetic and gameplay fixes
  • Matchmaking improvements
    *Fix for restrictive NAT types being chosen as dedicated server lobby host
    *Fix for larger lobbies having longer matchmaking times
    *Fix for Player getting left behind if they join a friend as the lobby countdown finishes
    *Bug and stability fixes
  • Fixed Asian language font issues
  • Fixed AI pathing error with certain types of props
  • Fixed error where multiple maps share the same Map ID
  • Various map error fixes
  • Various logic fixes
  • Various stability fixes
In addition to the above, the update fixes Dev Mode incorrectly triggering when the user retrieves their own save data from Steam Cloud (PC only).
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