First Actual, In-Game Screenshots from id's Rage

Just about a year ago, we posted a link to a trailer for id's upcoming first person shooter / driving game hybrid dubbed Rage. Since then few details regarding the game have been released other than it would be built around a new game engine called id Tech 5 and that Rage would be the first game developed completely in-house since Doom 3. But today, straight from QuakeCon 2008, id has released the first in-game screenshots from Rage...


Acutal In-Game Screenshots from id's upcoming game Rage

As you can see, the character models have a gory, yet lifelike look to them and the scenes feature excellent lighting, shadows, and Depth of Field effects. The character models are also highly detailed, with realistic looking fingers and appendages, which can't be said for many current titles.

There's still no word on an official release date (we have inquired for more information and are still awaiting an answer, but we fully expect that answer to be "when it's done"), and we are not sure which graphics card was used to take these screenshots, but so what! id's games are typically worth the wait; we're eagerly awaiting this title and hope it arrives sooner rather than later.