F.E.A.R. CPU Shootout, Samsung HT-P50 Home Theatre System

Gaming news has been flooding our news box since the release of some major titles in the past month. F.E.A.R. is still one of the hottest topics, and today is no exception. Mr. Ghazi from TweakGuides has put up his F.E.A.R. tweak guide, which fortunately has some image comparisons for various quality settings in the game. FiringSquad is also indulging in the craze, and today they've released their "F.E.A.R. CPU Shootout" article. Enjoy the news!

ATI Radeon X1800 Performance and Image Quality Article @ Beyond3D

"The X1800 XT is able to open a reasonable performance gap to the other boards here, with it performance up to 38% faster than the previous generation high end board and attain an average FPS a little shy of 60 at 1600x1200. the performance difference between the X1800 XL and X800 XT highlights that the XT's performance is not attained through its excessive core clock and memory bandwidths alone, but through architectural efficiencies as well"

Thermaltake VB6000 Swing Mid-Tower ATX Case Review @ 3DXtreme

"Lacking any fancy LED fans, powering up the Thermaltake Swing Case was uneventful. The Thermaltake Swing Case is the perfect marriage of budget, usability, and looks. This Case has room to grow, so as an entry level Case the Swing would be an ideal purchase. Also, with its $60 price tag it's within reach of many peoples' budget - our only ding was that it doesn't include a Power Supply Unit."

Aplus CS-1022-5 XBlade PC Case Review @ TecCentral.de [english version]

"3x non removable disk cage, 1x operating panel, 1x bay for floppy ones and 6 installation pits for drive assemblies after choice, can which be installed without tool fast. The side doors are extendable and on both sides with sizes a ventilation screen einschliessl. Filters provide, which serves the better ventilation housings. The front of the Aplus consists of plastic and aluminum."

Full FEAR Tweak Guide @ TweakGuides.com

"I've finished my full FEAR Tweak Guide, and it comes complete with all the known tips and tweaks for FEAR. The guide includes screenshot comparisons of some of the harder-to-spot setting differences, more detailed setting descriptions, all the working advanced tweaks, and a ton of links to useful resources for troubleshooting FEAR problems."

Samsung HT-P50 Home Theatre System Review @ The TechZone

"It's a higher end model in Samsung's line-up, and provides you with the very best combination of features. For starters, the receiver has a 5-disc turntable changer that plays not only DVD, CD, and VCD, but also WMA, DivX , and most other MPEG4 compression schemes. The 5.1 speakers system produces a total of 1000W of pure audio power."