Fall Guys Devs Ask Gamers For Patience To Fix Frustrating Matchmaking Issues

fall guys
The highly popular Fall Guys game from Mediatonic suffered matchmaking issues as it was added to Xbox, Epic Games Store, and the Nintendo Switch as a free-to-play game. The company issued a couple of tweets asking for players to be patient as it worked through the issues.

Fall Guys released on Steam and PlayStation back in 2020, and has been a fairly popular title since. The game quickly became the most downloaded PS Plus title of all time and had already sold 11 million copies on PC by the end of 2020, according to Mediatonic. But players on Xbox and other devices still clamored for the game to be released on other platforms as well. Now, players can download the game (for free) on Xbox, Epic Games Store, and the Nintendo Switch as well. But if you do, you may run into some issues with matchmaking.

The Fall Guys Twitter account issued an apology yesterday concerning the issues players were encountering. The tweet asked for the continued patience of players as the team worked on cleaning up the frosting that had dried up, and the ants that were suppose to eat the dried up frosting, but in turn made the problem worse.

fallguys tweet

Later in the day, the team did post on Twitter that the issue seemed to be improving, but that it was still working to fix online problems. "Okay, so, got some of the frosting, got some of the ants... Say 54% of the frosting and 44% of the ants," according to the tweet. While the servers were starting to improve, the team reminded players that with the "bajillion" of them trying to play, teething issues would occur.

The parent company of Mediatonic, Tonic Games Group, was purchased by Epic Games Store for an undisclosed sum last year. While the game was meant to release on the other platforms last year, it was delayed so that devs could work on implementing new features, such as cross-platform play. The game now supports cross-platform and cross-progression on all platforms.

With the game being made free on the new platforms, it is also free on Steam as well. But don't worry if you purchased the game on Steam, it will continue to receive full support. Those who already owned the game before the move to make it free, should be looking for a free Legacy Pack to coincide with the game going free-to-play as well. It is said to include three costumes and access to Season 1's new premium season pass.

Top Image Credit: Mediatonic/Xbox/Microsoft