Facebook Ads Will Now Follow You On Or Off Facebook, Wherever You Go

Facebook has been making a push into ad marketing. Earlier this year, it acquired video ad company LiveRail to improve the social media company’s video ads. Now, Facebook has unveiled a rebuilt Atlas for the purpose of allowing advertisers the ability to track and measure the effects of their ad campaigns not only on Facebook, but browsers and devices as well.

“People spend more time on more devices than ever before, “said head of Atlas Erik Johnson. “This shift in consumer behavior has had a profound impact on a consumer’s path to purchase, both online and in stores. And today’s technology for ad serving and measurement – cookies – are flawed when used alone.”

Johnson went on to talk about the importance of people-based marketing and how it will allow marketers to “easily solve the cross-device problem through targeting, serving and measuring across devices.” One of the biggest advantages Atlas offers to advertisers, he says, is that it “can now connect online campaigns to actual offline sales.”

With the launch of Atlas, Facebook also announced that its first partner is global advertising and marketing communications services company Omnicom, which has signed an agency-wide ad serving and measurement partnership with Facebook. Omnicom has over 5,000 clients, which includes Intel and Pepsi, in over 100 countries. In addition, Instagram will also make use of Atlas.

"We know that 65% of all shoppers use their mobile devices while out shopping, but, unfortunately, cookies don't work -- or don't work well -- on mobile devices and thus fall short when accompanying a customer on a shopping journey," said Omnicom Digital ceo Jonathan Nelson. "Atlas is exciting because it solves that problem and works across multiple devices, thus building a bridge from a stationary, offline device such as a home PC to the mobile device that's right in the shopper's hand. By reaching all the way from contemplation of purchase to the actual point of sale, Atlas is a compelling new offering for Omnicom's clients and their brands."

What do you think of Atlus and how advertisers will be able to track your information regarding advertisements?