Epox 9NPA+, Saitek Audio A-350, Blue Laser Wars & More!

Epox 9NPA+ SLI Review @ AMDZone:

"Epox has put together another solid Athlon 64 motherboard with a fair price. They include a number of overclocking features and good cooling which will help get the most clock out of your CPU. They have made a couple of enhancements to the Ultra version of the board for certain. We always like diag LEDs and onboard power and reset buttons. The SLI motherboard field is becoming ever more crowded, but Epox has a solid contender in the 9NPA+ SLI which overclockers and gamers looking for a good deal will enjoy."

Saitek Audio A-350 Wireless Headphones @ CoolTechZone.com:

"Saitek, a company that started out as a heavily gaming centric manufacturer with an abundance of peripherals, has launched a new division with a focus in audio products including headphones and speaker units. What's more? Saitek's headphones and speakers look nothing like the traditional audio products you find on retail shelves. We focus our attention on Saitek's A-350 wireless headphones today that boast a variety of devices in terms of compatibility and come with a lustrous finish."

Blue Laser Wars - Blu-ray Vs. HD DVD @ The TechZone:

"We've been challenged numerous times to give an "educated" guess as to how the blue laser war will end, and when. It has come to a point where it is no longer about the technology nor the consumer. It is about who has the most to lose."

OCZ PowerStream 520watt ATX Computer Power Supply Review @ Tweaknews.net:

"To be completely realistic, this in my mind is pretty well as close to a perfect power supply as you can get. It looks great, the build quality is absolutely immaculate and the aesthetics are surprisingly good for "just a power supply". When you also kick in the fact that it has three adjustable voltage nails and rock steady power production and you have a no brainer for your next power supply purchase."

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