Episodic Gaming Not Dead

If you're a Sam & Fax fan, rejoice: a new season is en route for this fall.  If you're a person who likes gaming in small, affordable doses, then you might also want to rejoice.

After several games announced plans for episodes, only a few have delivered.  Some, like SiN have outright cancelled plans for episodic gaming.  Others are waiting to see if the trend picks up or not.
"Not to be outdone by this week's CSI announcements, Sam & Max are elbowing their way back into the news with the official word that Season Two is a reality, and it'll be coming to GameTap and Telltale's website this fall. To celebrate the announcement, here's a brand new render featuring a character and environment you've never seen before."
Potentially the best news (outside of another season of zany humor) is that GameTap will only have a 1-day lead time on Telltale's own download mechanism.
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