Epic Games Store Now Requires Two-Factor Authentication To Claim Free Games, Here's Why

The Epic Games Store wants people to enforce the use of two-factor authentication for their accounts to enhance security. To encourage this practice, Epic Games Store has announced that through May 21, it will require two-factor authentication to be enabled on a user account before any free games can be claimed. 

Players who login to their account and don't have two-factor authentication enabled will see a message when they attempt to claim free game that says, "Two Factor Authentication Required." The remainder of the message tells users that claiming the free game requires Two-Factor Authentication to be set up on their account to provide an additional level of security and to help prevent unauthorized access.

The authentication settings are accessed in the Epic Games Account settings page. The authentication method requires users to enter a security code when they sign in as an added protection measure. Epic Games has an entire walkthrough on enabling two-factor authentication and when players will be acquired to use it. Users do have the option of using a common authenticator app to generate the codes needed to login, including Google Authenticator, LastPass Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, and Authy.

Epic Games says that it understands two-factor authentication will be a "minor inconvenience for some," but it wants to provide the best possible solutions to protect their Epic Games accounts. We're curious, however, why this is only running through May 21 and is not being billed as a permanent solution. If the aim is to provide additional security, it should be a mandatory requirement across all accounts, all of the time, instead of for a limited period of time.

Epic Games often gives out free games via its store, and back in February it was Assassin's Creed Syndicate. The store is currently running its Spring Sale 2020 that runs through May 1 and offers free games and significant discounts on others.