Elgato Brings Free Over-The-Air HDTV To Your Mac Or PC

If you're interested in turning your computer into a HDTV and DVR, then Elgato's new EyeTV One may be something you're interested in. This digital TV tuner connects to your TV antenna and delivers over-the-air TV broadcasts to your Mac or PC. Best of all, since these over-the-air broadcasts are free and offer excellent quality, you could finally nix the cable company's monthly bill for digital TV services once and for all (that is, assuming you're happy with the number of stations available over the air).

For Mac users, EyeTV One comes with EyeTV 3 software that lets you watch, rewind, fast forward, and pause live TV. With this software, you can also access a Program Guide, record TV, edit out unwanted content, and much more. The software can even record an entire season of your favorite TV shows and send recordings to iTunes to sync with an iPhone, iPod, or Apple TV. For Windows users, EyeTV One is compatible with Windows 7 and works with Windows Media Center.

To set up and use the EyeTV One, you must connect the TV tuner to a USB 2.0 port, attach your TV antenna, and follow the on-screen instructions provided via the software. You can connect an indoor or outdoor antenna without needing an adapter.

EyeTV One: Free HDTV over-the-air for your Mac or PC

San Francisco, January 12, 2010 – Elgato today announced EyeTV One, an easy-to-use TV tuner for DTV antennas. EyeTV One delivers digital TV and HDTV channels straight to a Mac or PC, enabling users to watch and record the huge variety of TV shows that are broadcast over-the-air for free. The new EyeTV One offers an uncomplicated way to connect a computer to a DTV antenna and at just $119.95 USD, it’s an affordable alternative for an HDTV and full-featured DVR.

Integrated hardware design

EyeTV One comes with a built-in, flexible USB extender cable, so it can be used on a Mac or PC without blocking other ports. EyeTV One also sports a standard full-size coaxial plug and can be connected to an indoor or outdoor antenna without the need for an additional adapter.

Award-winning TV software for Mac

EyeTV One comes with Elgato’s EyeTV 3, the award-winning TV software for Mac. EyeTV 3 enables users to watch, pause, and rewind live TV on a Mac, as well as record shows, subscribe to a favorite TV series, and create Smart Playlists. EyeTV 3 has a built-in editor to remove unwanted content and can automatically send recordings to iTunes to sync with an iPhone, iPod, or Apple TV. Recordings can be shared over a local network with other Macs. Elgato also offers optional apps to stream live TV and manage recording schedules on an iPhone while away from home.

EyeTV 3 software includes one year of free TV Guide data, with optional* renewal for US $19.95 per year.

Compatible with Windows 7

Users who have a Windows PC as well as a Mac can use EyeTV One with either computer. EyeTV One is compatible with Windows 7 and works great with Windows Media Center.

Pricing & Availability

EyeTV One ships today. It is available at Apple resellers in the US and Canada, and at the Elgato online store. The suggested retail price is USD $119.95.