Elden Ring Update Hints At Sweet Ray Tracing Effects And New DLC Maps

elden ring hero
In February 2022, the spiritual successor to Dark Souls, Elden Ring, was released. With George R. R. Martin as one of the writers and producers, and the game's development legend Hidetaka Miyazaki at the helm, it was almost sure to be a smash success. And good news for fans, few days ago it was discovered within a recent patch, there are string updates relating to ray tracing for the game and its DLC.

While the game's 1.07 patch was originally meant to separate PvP and PvE balance changes, other gems were found as well. On Twitter, a dataminer named Lance McDonald found some memory locations that held a string that invokes a raytracing warning. In the case of Elden Ring, the warning is that turning on the feature is intended to lock all other performance features in favor of quality.
So what does it do? Well, nothing yet, according to the data miner who managed to get the option showing in his copy. He points out that it is likely there are no raytracing shaders for the title yet. That doesn't mean it won't ever happen, though. Sony's PlayStation 5 and Microsoft's Xbox Series S|X both support raytracing, as do most modern GPUs after all. So why not turn it on? The only platforms it was released for that don't support the feature are any PCs that don't have the hardware, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

Not only is there references to prettier game engine effects, but there is also reference to new DLC maps. Data Minter Sekiro Dubi pointed out that there are map labels that start with m20 for maps that haven't been seen before. Dubi noted that m20 is legacy labeling, but there are also labels for maps that are labeled with m45, which hasn't been seen before. Implying that there could potentially be DLC coming up.

elden ring dining hall
Image of a Dining Hall in Elden Ring, maybe we'll see raytracing here one day

While players wait for more information involving this, they can enjoy patch 1.07 on all platforms, which looks to offer a more fair experience if you're not so much into PvP. Or, if you are tired of getting your butt kicked by brutal adversaries, you can check out the plethora of people who managed to beat the game in a variety of ways. For example, beating the title in 30 minutes, or how about beating Malenia Level 1 with a dance pad?