Editing Audio In Linux, ASUS 7800GT, Rag Doll Kung Fu Review

Topping the headlines today is the release of Croteam's Serious Sam II. A patch has already been released, which you'll need to download if you want to use coop. Another game that's been buzzing about is Rag Doll Kung Fu, which will be the first independently developed game released through Valve's Steam software. Fortunately for us, Techgage.com has posted a review on what to expect from this quirky title. Goodnight all!

Asus GeForce 7800GT @ AMD Zone

"The card doesn't deviate from the standard 7800GT clock speed, featuring a 400MHz GPU clock and 256MB of 1.6ns memory running at 1GHz. The card features an unusual blue PCB for Asus and the stock 7800GT fan however it also includes a number of heatsinks over the memory in order to cool it down. How much does this help? We were able to maintain an astounding 1.2GHz memory speed and a GPU of 471MHz. Very nice overclocks indeed."

OCZ EL DDR PC-4000 1024MB Gold Edition @ Bytesector

"I have with me the OCZ EL DDR PC-4000 Gold Edition Dual Channel, developed with gamers' distinctive needs in mind, for today's memory devouring games such as Battlefield 2 and Doom 3, where 1GB memory just does not cut it anymore. With 2GB of memory, it really adds freedom and greater stability with less lag to any system which it is placed in."

ione Titanium Series Professional Server Case @ ExtremeMHz | Image

"While most may not be familiar with ione, they happen to be a division of MGE, a company that has gained the interest of many gamers and PC enthusiast over the past year. Unlike MGE though, ione is primarily set to target the sophisticated 20-45 year-old demographic group that demands style, reliability and performance."

Editing audio in Linux @ Ars Technica

"Parallel to Linux's furthering of basic usability, there's been a lot of work put into high-end uses for Linux, like professional audio production. These applications require a certain amount of spiffy GUI and big helpings of performance and stability—which Linux is now more than ready to provide."

Samsung SyncMaster 930MP 19 Inch Multifunction LCD TFT Monitor Review @ Tweaknews.net

"With Samsung's brand name bringing strong backup, we've come to expect the highest quality available. As a multifunction panel, this monitor excels in every capacity. The monitor sports a high contrast ratio, an excellent viewing angle and nearly every input you could imagine."